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Welcome to McKay Custom Saddlery the home of tried and true buckaroo saddles and gear!
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McKay Custom Saddlery specializes in producing old style buckaroo saddles for today's working cowboys and cowgirls. We specialize in hand crafted and made to order custom saddles that are a combination of function and art and we utilize the highest quality materials available. We pay extreme attention to detail not only for the comfort of the rider and pleasure of the eye but especially for comfort and fit for the horse wearing it. Each highly detailed and crafted piece of gear from the McKay Saddle Shop is designed to be an essential piece of hardworking equipment and to look good doing it. Mckay Custom Wade Buckaroo saddles are known through out the high desert as well as the versatile buckaroo gear and leather accessories that accompany them.

Here are a few of the custom made buckaroo and rodeo saddles that have been built by Steve McKay. This is only a snippet of the saddles built and only examples of what your next hand made custom saddle might look like, call Steve today!

For you not so computer savvy buckaroo types click on the image or the link to see a more detailed example of each saddle!

Thank you!


Kylie's Buckaroo Saddle

  • 16" seat Wade tree
  • Gullet 61/4" x 8"
  • McKay cowboy inskirt 3/4 double riggin
  • 2"cheyenne roll
  • Guadalajara horn with mule hide wrap
  • Semi square skirts
  • Serpentine border stamp
  • Corner flowers
  • 2.5" Visalia monel stirrups 20 gauge metal

Custom made for Kylie, thank you!

Wade Buckaroo Saddles

  • Homestead Wade tree
  • 15.1/2 inch seat
  • 6.1/4 x 7.1/2 inch gullet
  • Shovel cantle 4.5 x 12
  • ¾ flat plate double rigging
  • Small round skirts
  • California stirrup leathers
  • Smooth out w/ decorative cuts
  • Mule hide horn wrap
  • Six button seat
Thank you Mat, custom ordered for Hailie and Jessica.

Weatherly Buckaroo Saddle

  • 16" seat
  • Gullet 6-1/4"x 8" Fork 9"
  • Shovel Cantle 12-1/2 x 5-1/2"
  • 3/4" dish seat
  • W/P Horn 4" tall X 4-1/2" Cap
  • 3/4" Flat plate double ring riggin
  • eight button saddle
  • Rawhide binding (fork, horn & cantle)
  • half double stirrup leathers w/Blevins buckles
  • Latigo horn wrap
  • Full medium basket stamp
  • no gullet hole

Custom-made, Thank you Tony

California Halfbreed Saddle*

  • Homestead Wade Tree
  • Flat Plate Double Riggin
  • Small Cheyenne roll
  • Half Double Stirrup Leathers
  • Mule Hide Horn Wrap

Thanks for your business Nels!

*California Half Breed is a rough out saddle except there is tooling on fork, house, and stirrup leathers.

Rough Out Homestead Wade

  • 11/16 Cowboy in Skirt
  • Double Riggin with Rings
  • 8 Button
  • Loop Seat
  • Tipped Cantle Binding
  • Half-Double Stirrup Leathers with Blevins Buckles
  • Rough out with decorative cuts
  • Latigo Horn Wrap

Thanks for your business Joe!

Rough Out Buckaroo saddle

  • Cliff Wade Tree
  • Seat 16"
  • Gullet: 6-1/4"x 8"
  • Fork:9"
  • Cantle 14"x 4" with 1-1/2" Dish seat
  • Wood post horn:3-1/2"x 4" cap
  • 3/4" double ring riggin
  • Rough out
  • Stirrup leathers and cantle binding smooth out w/decorative cut patterns
  • Half double stirrup leather
  • Mule hide horn wrap

Thanks for your business Bryan!

Homestead Wade Saddle

  • Seat 15"
  • Gullet 6 3/4"x 8"
  • Fork 9"
  • Cantle:12 1/2"x 5",3/4" dish semi shovel seat
  • Wood post horn:3 1/2" tall w/4" cap
  • Poco Bueno Bars
  • Flat plate 13/16 double ring riggin
  • EJ stamp with corner flower
  • Half double stirrup leathers
  • loop seat
  • mule hide horn wrap

Custom made-Thank You Josslinn

Bronc Saddle

16-1/2" seat
Full flower stamped with dyed back ground

Good Luck Frank!

Homestead Wade Buckaroo Saddle

  • Homestead wade tree
  • 16'' seat
  • cantle 5'' X 14'' with a small cheyenne roll
  • gullet is 6 1/2" x 8" fork is 8 1/2"
  • wood post horn finished 4 x 4 mule hide horn wrap
  • McKay cowboy inskirt 3/4 double riggin
  • 8 button saddle ,
  • basket stamped w/ corner flowers
  • decorative cuts in the seat
  • half double stirrup leathers w/Blevins buckles
Custom made for Hal, Thank you.



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